The Right Covering

Selecting the Right Covering

When choosing what type of covering for your recliner, consider the following.
Leather can be one of the most comfortable and warm feeling coverings or it can send your skin into orbit on a cold evening. Some leathers are now treated and conditioned so they feel like fleece or a very smooth flannel. You won’t need to throw a blanket on the chair to keep in initial contact comfortable. They instantly warm to your skin so you feel like you have just settled into a hot tub. Some leathers, especially artificial ones, are so cold and crisp to the touch, you’ll want to get a blow-torch and set the chair on fire.

Fabrics can likewise feel very comfortable during that initial contact or rough. I remember sitting in one chair and the covering must have been made from a burlap sack it was so rough. Other fabrics, such as newer microfibers, are incredibly soft and gentle to the touch. You will actually look forward to sitting in them.
Of course, visit our store and try a number of different fabrics and materials. We also have swatches that can help you understand the different textures and styles.
You will also note how each material wears and holds up to use. Leather is a good durable covering that can handle a lot of wear and tear. But cleaning leather has its challenges; more on that subject to come. Cloth coverings can be easier to clean but can wear-out faster due to fiber loss and damage from sharp instruments. My kids love to do homework on couches and chairs and too often we’ve tried to minimize the damage from a pencil.