Lane Furniture

Since 1972, Lane Furniture has been among the leaders in the manufacture and sale of fine quality reclining furniture. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, has branded Lane furniture best quality in the industry. Lane carries on a tradition of quality craftsmanship that began over 100 years ago by John and Ed Lane, and which is still evident today in every piece of furniture they produce. The parent company, Heritage Home Group, has grown the Lane brand into the top sofa manufacturing company in the world. One thing hasn’t changed since 1972, that’s their dedication to manufacturing dependable and quality products for their customers and standing behind them 100%. That dedication to quality is evident in each of the classic Lane Sofa, Lane Loveseats, and Lane Reclining Sofas sold today. Lane takes pride in owning five of the most advanced furniture manufacturing facilities in the world. Their dedication to utilizing the latest tools and technology in the manufacturing process, allows their workers to produce high-quality products with exceptional efficiency. This innovative process allows Lane being the ability to produce the highest quality recliner on the market, at an affordable price. Consumer satisfaction the world over has allowed Lane to claim the status of one of the world’s premiere furniture manufacturing companies. Lane manufactures the most reclining and motion furniture in the world. So it makes sense that Lane has put the best of “Laneology” into every piece of Lane furniture. Lane Reclining Sofas are consumer tested and approved to be the most comfortable in the industry. The quality construction and superior comfort that’s experienced in each piece of furniture ensures that they built to last. Lane Furniture is renowned the world over for their stylish look and superior comfort. But their reclining sofas also offer a functionality that can’t be found in other furniture. Lane features the option of having a reclining chair on either side of the sofa, or both sides if desired. Manufactured with the latest furniture technology, each Lane reclining sofa is built on a steel superstructure, providing a durable, long-lasting and stable base. The recliner is rated for up to 300 pounds, and allows the user to relax into a fully reclined position with the simple flip of a lever. Lane offers one of the largest selections of sofas and home furniture in the marketplace. Whether you are looking for the classic designed Lane Sofa that will fit the décor of a sitting room, an elegant sitting chair for the library, or you want the comfort and coziness of a family room loveseat recliner, Lane has the perfect piece for your home. The most popular recliner manufacturer in the world also has the biggest selection of sofas in the industry. If you’ve got your mind on a specific color, style, or design, chances are, Lane has it. And in the unlikely instance they don’t, they can custom design a sofa to your exact specifications. For the largest selection and best prices on Lane chairs, recliners, Lane reclining sofas and love seats, visit Jones Glass and Decorating to find the perfect Lane recliner for you. We ship quality Lane recliners anywhere nationwide. Call us today and let us help you find a great Lane sofa or Lane Reclining Sofa at a price that fits your budget. Jones Glass and Decorating Center offers the lowest prices on Lane Recliners on the Web. Our retail center is located at 22 E. 200 S, Richfield, UT 84701. For more information on our products, call us at: 800-446-7424 or email at: or check out our huge selection online at

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